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The 2018 World Blockchain Forum and Global Blockchain Industry Expo is hosted by the New York World Blockchain forum, a non-profit organization registered in New York, co-hosted by the World Blockchain Organization, the Global Digital Assets Encryption Commission and the Silicon Valley Blockchain University , is the world's largest blockchain Industry Expo, comparable to the blockchain field "Davos Forum." Aiming at building the international first platform for interconnection, sharing and common governance of the relevant blockchain industries in the world.

Blockchain is the next epic of science and technology to overturn the world. “The 2018 World Blockchain Forum · Singapore Station and Global Blockchain Industry Expo”focus on “the bottom-level technology application of the blockchain”and “digital currency investment”. Invited global blockchain regulators, blockchain industry professionals, currency celebrities, geeks, miners, technology giants, media and blockchain investors, blockchain lovers, and thousands of people gathered in Singapore to discuss this The future trend of the blockchain wave, together to comb the investment opportunities and challenges in this wave!

Including digital currency exchanges, mining machines, chip makers, technology suppliers at the bottom of the blockchain, blockchain technology companies, blockchain investment banks, blockchain funds, ICO projects and PR, white papers, advocacy, distribution, community operations etc. Hundreds of companies, including service providers around the blockchain industry, will be showcasing their latest products and technologies at the conference.

Let's get together in Singapore to witness the outbreak and growth of this one hundred trillion blockchain market!